Inductive Bible Study

Stay humble, stay teachable, and ask God for help.

- Pray that God will prepare your heart to learn from Him.

- Ask the Holy Spirit to clear you of wrong ideas and show you the truth of His Word.

What’s the simple meaning on the surface?

- Read the verse lots of times, and also read what’s before it and after it.

- What are the most important words and what do they mean?

    > You can use other Bible translations, thesauruses, and dictionaries for help.

- If you can, list the “who, what, where, when, why, and how" of what you're studying.

- Re-write the verse in your own words using only what you’ve learned so far.

    > Don’t try to explain the overall meaning yet.

    > What is the verse saying on the surface?

What’s the whole meaning and how does it fit with all of God’s Word?

- Look for cross-references. Other parts of God’s Word that help us better understand.

- God’s Word is true. If two verses seem against each other our understanding is wrong.

- Write the overall meaning, making sure it’s what God really means.

    > The true meaning will match God’s whole Word and who He really is.

    > Jesus perfectly explains much through the New Testament, so don’t go against Him.

    > Reading commentaries, and learning culture and history can also help us understand.

    > Our English language isn’t perfect, so looking at the original language can help too.

- Sometimes writing about what the verse DOESN’T say helps explain what it DOES say.

    > Especially if someone who hasn’t studied it like you have might easily misunderstand.

- Differentiate. Learn, understand, and explain if the verse is about any of the following:

    > Justification or Sanctification. Love or Acceptance. The Church or Israel.

    > Jesus’ 1st coming or 2nd Coming. Great White Throne or Judgment Seat of Christ.

How should our hearts, thoughts, motives, and choices be affected?

- What are ways to change and things to do because of the meaning of the passage?

- What are specific command to obey and sins to stop because of these truths?

- Make it personal by using “I”, “We”, and “You” with real life examples that fit.

- HOW does the Bible say to make the changes the passage challenges us to make?

- Application is more than how we act. It is why we act. Why we do what we do:

    > It’s the condition of our heart and our motivation.

    > It’s what inspires and what we offer others for motivation.

Here are some resources that may help you as you study

- Download Printable Simplified Inductive Bible Study Steps
    > These are the same steps provided on this page.

- Download Printable Original Inductive Bible Study Steps
    > These are Pastor Eddie's original study steps without simplification.

- Blue Letter Bible
    > This is a wonderful free resource with many excellent Bible study tools:
    > Multiple translations, original language study, dictionaries, and commentaries.

- Listen to Past Teaching from Calvary Foothills
    > Listen to rightly divided teaching, studied using these steps, for additional understanding.
    > But, also try to discern which parts are observation, interpretation, or application.

- Additional Recommended Listening
    > Listen to recommended solid teachers for the same reasons.

How to use blue letter bible (About 10 minutes)
How to study the bible (almost an hour of arthur rambling)